Primary School

The NCTC Primary School starts from year 1 and ends at year 6. Students in year 1 are typically aged 5/6 years of age. Students in year 6 are typically aged 10/11years. At the Primary School we believe that activity-based and fun lessons, combined with a good blend of action-packed, creative, service-based and varied extra-curricular activities form the basis of a great education.

In the Primary School, the subjects offered are Mathematics, English, Science, Citizenship Education(Ghanaian Perspective), ICT, Creative Art, and Religious & Moral Education.

For Mathematics, English, and Science, the Ghana Education Service Syllabus provides the curriculum framework. It develops skills, knowledge and understanding in young learners. This curriculum provides all the necessary guidance, material, and training for classroom teaching and learning.

Citizenship Education, Creative Art, ICT, Religious & Moral Education are based on the Ghana Education Service Syllabus. This curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students at the school.

At the Primary School we believe that children learn best when they have fun. Based on this simple idea, teachers are trained to deliver lessons that invite children to participate actively, express their opinions and facts eloquently, and develop skills and understanding effectively.