Description/achievement of initiatives

Eco club in schools will empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. It will empower students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of a syllabus or curriculum. While everyone, everywhere, asserts the importance to live sustainably, environment remains a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system.

Implementation methodologies

The Eco –Green Club will be made up of teachers and a group of motivated students to learn about the environment and to take action to improve their immediate environment. They will also provide a wonderful opportunity to help generate awareness build attitudes and enable students to take up activities in the real world, in a way that the constraint of the classroom and curriculum won’t allow. Any motivated teacher from the school could become the coordinator for the Eco – Green Club.

Possible partner (s)

  • Environmental Protection Agency ~ EPA Ghana
  • UNDP ~ Sustainable Development Goals (Ghana)
  • The Church of Pentecost ~ Environmental Care Campaign


A book club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. Book club also consist of reading where our main focus rests.


  • Games and songs: Children learn easily and comfortably when they play, and these are fun ways to start a session. Learn songs that are used to play and sing as a child.
  • Reading aloud and storytelling: Ideally, all session would include reading aloud and storytelling. Children learn about how stories work and how to read from listening to stories work and how to read from listening to stories being read and told to them.
  • Shared reading: Spending time sharing books in pairs or small groups allows children to select and share books they are interested in. Children who are able to read independently, can read books together in small groups or pairs. Simpler books are giving to other children in the club who are still learning to read.
  • Silent or independent reading
  • Writing
  • Talking about books.
  • Art, craft and drama: Extend a story you have read or told by encouraging the children to paint or pictures, related to the story. Or, allow time for the children to act out the story.


Quiz & debate club is a unique cub that educates, motivates, inspire, and encourage and reward children in their quest for knowledge. And the club provides them with opportunity and possible training on how questions are tackled or answered on a wide range of subjects, in the syllabus or curriculum.


Organizing intra – school and inter- school competitions.

Our focus is not keenly based on individual intelligence but on good and formidable team.


Nasir Sports Academy is a new department in Nasir Children Training Centre. Nasir Sports Academy offers a range of sports sessions (especially Football & Volleyball) to children between the ages of 5 – 13 and ages of 13 – 16.

Our structured sessions are designed to teach young children the fundamentals of sports and education with the emphasis being on fun and enjoyment.

We are accepting 100% Action coin on admissions.

REGISTERED pupils are given Half Scholarship and Full scholarship on a very special level on tuition into Nasir Children Training Centre.

Children between the ages of 5-15, both sexes
Sports inclined children.
NCTC!!! Integrating Education and Sports.