Deciding on a school which is the right fit for you and your child is without doubt a weighty decision. Here at NCTC we know there is much to consider to ensure you and your child have a school experience that meets your needs, expectations, and continuously delivers long-lasting results to ensure your child is armed with important scholastic and character-building skills to succeed in the world today.


At NCTC, our community-focused environment is warm. We welcome new families and students with open arms. To learn more about our schools please see FAQs.

Procedures & Requirements

Please note that all students applying to NCTC (except Pre-School students) will participate in a placement test and undergo an interview with the Head of School. Once all considerations are made the applicant will proceed to be admitted.

Please contact the administration for the closest dates of placement tests. Final placement will be based upon review of placement test results and the educational history of the child.

We look forward to your campus visit so we can meet you and give you a tour of our campus. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and queries you might have.